Faulty USB Port?

Has anyone experienced a faulty usb port on their Organelle?

I’ve owned mine since December and I’ve always placed my usb stick in the same port (after removing many times to transfer patches and such). I recently placed it in the 2nd port (after updating to 3.1) and the stick wasn’t recognized. I made sure the stick was oriented correctly and tried again a few times over a few days, to no avail. The 1st port recognizes the stick every time.

I connected a class complaint midi keyboard to test the ports (without the usb stick) as well. When plugged into the first port, the midi keyboard is recognized in the Midi Setup menu. When plugged into the 2nd port, the keyboard is NOT recognized. I repeated this process with 3 more midi controllers, and each yielded the same result.

Has anyone else experienced this? I hope I’m not missing something painfully obvious haha.

I have been experiencing this for some months now. The second USB port (the one in line with the keyboard) acts up. It does recognize the USB stick or controllers but then these suddenly become disconnected when I move the Organelle.

I have an Organelle 1.