USB Stick not detectable on Organelle or computer. Help!

Last used my organelle about a month ago and when I tried booting up today the screen said: “no patches detected.” First thing I did was reboot it. When that didn’t work, I ejected the USB drive and plugged it into my computer, which did not detect it on either USB ports. I triple checked to make sure the usb was plugged in properly, but nothing changed. I always power off the instrument before removing the power supply and no liquids have been spilled on the organelle.

Honestly, I am freaking out right now, because I had a ton of saved user patches with no backup anywhere! I know that’s my fault and I feel pretty dumb about it, but I have never had a USB drive crap out on me. This instrument stays in my studio and is never around food or beverage, so I figured it’d be safe.

Anybody else had this problem? Are the USB drives just junk? I have only had it since December and occasionally use it for production side of things, so for it to crap out that quickly is pretty frustrating. Any advice??

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Is it plugged in the wrong way?

Most of the user patches are already backed up on

No, I made sure it was in the right way as that was the solution to someone else having the problem. I’ve only edited patches via my computer maybe 3 or 4 times, so the USB stick hasn’t been removed and inserted more than 10 times before today. Im really baffled at what could have happened.

I might be flogging a dead horse here but the usb stick goes in the opposite way on a computer compared to when it goes in an organelle.
Anyways - yeah that is really weird. A new usb stick is in order I suppose - or if you want avoid usb issues altogether and get faster uploads to memory - a new sd card and a raspberry pi WiFi dongle:

Ya, I realized it goes into the computer backwards vs the way it goes into the organelle. The SD card solution might be a good way to go for the future. I already ordered a new USB, so unless I need both USB inputs for something other than storage, I’ll probably keep using it the same way. I know i can get all the base patches I had from patch storage, but all of my custom user presets are gone, so that sucks. :confused: I’ll keep trying to access it, but at this point I think it might be toast.

unfortunately if its the white one supplied, then yeah many have had issues with them.
(C&G now ship a sandisk one now I believe)

as a last resort, you might be able to try a disk repair application on it.
its fat32, so you should be able to find something on mac/windows or linux - sorry, I dont have a recommendation for what to try.
if you do this, id only pull off the files you have changed e.g. presets, not PD files/externals.
(but honestly, it might end up being some effort, might be easier to start from a clean sheet again, unless you really are missing something important)

personally, Id use it as an opportunity to update and start from a clean slate.

grab an 8gb SD card, a wifi card , and burn the new 3.1 sd card image from C&G and use the new sdcard/wifi workflow… that way you’ll feel more like its progress, rather than a loss :slight_smile:

Ya, i am just going to start fresh. What is the wifi adapter used for?

The WiFi adapter really expands the functionality of the organelle!
You’ll be able to sync with other organelles and any computer/tablet apps that use Ableton’s “link” protocol.
It’ll also be easier to upload new patches and samples, as you can do it wirelessly.

you might find this thread helpful if you go ahead to try it: Setting up wifi on the Organelle

Sweet, I’ll look into that!

Hey there, I am new to this forum and using the Organelle (white). The USB drive I was supplied is not recognised in computer or Organelle.

Is it worth trying to get a replacement USB? Or as above, use an SD card reader to USB, and download that disk image linked above onto a new SD card?

if you have a spare usb drive you can try/use that - just place Organelle patches in a folder called Patches on the usb drive.

personally, Id advise you to move to using a wifi and use the internal sd-card for patch storage.
its much easier, and also more reliable.

assuming an original organelle-1, you need:

  • usb wifi stick
  • a new sdcard (8gb, as original was supplied with 4gb)
  • an sdcard reader for your mac/pc to write the new sd card image.

note: the last two you will need to upgrade the organelle-1 to the latest OS (4.0), so added benefit there too :wink:

To confirm, you have an Organelle M, right? If yes, the Organelle M does not ship with a USB drive. It ships with a USB-WiFi adapter. This adapter will not show up the way a USB Drive does in any computer.
The manual covers how to manage patches via WiFi:

You can use a USB Drive for patch storage if you want. This is covered in manual:

I’ve finished using this usb for tails and I want to clean it out now. The problem is that the usb stick will not show up in my computer and as such I can’t access it to delete or reformat anything.

@alfred0809 Which USB Stick are you referring to? Which Organelle do you have?

well, I think you first would be advised to check in your ‘attitude’ at the door…
this community is really friendly, and will readily help people get started,

but i dont know about others… but I don’t find your ranting particularly inviting to help you.
also you don’t need to start posting on multiple topics, many of us will give you a hand when we see it.
(you only posted 20 minutes ago!)

Shit, I’m showing my foibles in full technicolour here! I thought I’d deleted my previous comments! I will try to delete my previous comments as they were meant for inside voices only!

Thanks again for your help

no worries… hope my advice on other topic can get you sorted.

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