Used Organelle M - missing pieces


I recently purchased a used Organelle M, super excited to join the C&G family and get into the wild world of patches. It’ll be delivered in a few weeks.

The dealer I purchased it from told me it doesn’t have the included WiFi adapter (saying that the device doesn’t need it anymore because it’s built in) or the MicroSD card.

That seems odd to me. Do any of y’all have recommendations for setting up an Organelle for the first time? Like, do I need to buy a WiFi adapter? Can I just use any MicroSD card of 8gb or larger? Do I need to format it?

For context, I’ve never done something like this before with a new device, but I have, like, formatted external hard drives and such.

That’s very sketchy… If I where you I would ask more clarification to the dealer, the wifi is not included inside the machine (so that’s a lie), you’ll need a compatible adapter dongle.

Also since the OS and firmware are installed on the SD-Card, the machine will not even boot without one, meaning you’ll not have any way to ensure the machine is in proper working order.

Then you’ll need to flash a new sd-card with the Organelle OS firmware (it’s pretty easy actually) C&G should have a guide on their website.

Here is an SD-Card I can recommend for reliability, performance and price…

Thank you for the advice. I am following up with the dealer (the device won’t be delivered until next week). Hopefully I can get this cleared up; fingers crossed it’s just a misunderstanding, rather than a deliberate attempt at fraud.

Following up: turns out the device DOES have an included SD card, and boots just fine (that’s a relief). The dealer was confused. They thought I meant an ADDITIONAL patch storage SD card, that was separate from the one already inside the device (which the dealer didn’t double-check until just now).

I’m admittedly still a bit skeptical, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Thankfully, Reverb has a pretty good return policy.

They may have lost the included wifi adpater but I am skeptical about them saying it is built in is false unless they modified it. If it boots fine then you should be good. You can always purchase the wifi adapter C&G sell but you will want WiFi. It is the best way to transfer patches

A further update: the dealer actually DOES have the WiFi adapter for it. They misplaced it before, but they found it. They sent me a picture with the Organelle M, on (loaded to a screen), and they showed the WiFi adapter in a little baggie. So I think we’re all good to go.

Crisis averted! What a relief.


You don´t need the Wifi adapter anyway. I never use mine couse I never manage to get it to work and I don´t mind couse it is so easy to just put the md-card to into the computer and transfer the patches or what I like to transfer.

That would work well, if I had any computers that had MicroSD slots. I would need to buy an adapter to be able to do that.

…which would cost you about 3-4 euro so it wouldn´t be to hard I guess. Some weeks ago I bought an 8 gb mini sd inclusive adapter for 4.60 euro. You can also buy an SD to USB adapter. Anyway I wish you all fun with the Organelle, I am so happy for mine!