Organelle M Wifi not working?

Hi guys!

I just got a brand new Organelle M and theres no way i can connect it via WIFI to my Mac M1. Is there any incompability with Mac OS Ventura or do you think it can be something else?
And yes i connected the included usb wifi dongle on Organelles USB port, actually ive tried on both :slight_smile:
As long as i select Start AP it doesnt connect same for web browser mode i tried to connect with it via chrome and safari and no good. :slight_smile:
any ideas?

thank u in advance :slight_smile:

After you Start AP, does your computer join the Organelle network when you select it from the list of available WiFi networks?

My computer cant find Organelle, i also tried with my cellphone same issue. As soon as i use the command Start AP i immediatelly get a โ€œnot connected messageโ€ and the button keeps saying Start AP

Just saw your email to us - will reply to you there.

Ok thank u!