Beginner question about how to load image files onto an EYESY step by step for anxious noob

i have no experience in video synthesis and coding in this fashion also i dont want to damage this expensive & now “prized” piece in my arsenal but i would like to see if someone can assist me… YOUR’E MY ONLY HOPE

You’ll need to first master AP mode. Follow instructions in the manual for that first - they are pretty good. Then report back on your progress.

Image files only work with certain modes and you load images into their folders via the web editor. Don’t worry too much about breaking things, it’s easy to reload and backup anything you are changing. It won’t fundamentally dismantle anything.

You’ll first need to connect your Eyesy to your computer using the Access Point - hold the shift arrow while switching it on, continue holding until it boots up, connect to the network on your computers wifi - Section 4 in the manual.

Use your browser to open the editor with the address http://eyesy.local. Navigate to the ~/Modes/Python folder. Any of the stock modes with ‘- Img’ in the title will have a folder containing the images used, such as ‘S - Circle Scope - Img’. When you open the mode folder you will see another folder called ‘Images’ - upload your images here. Make sure to keep the file size small as to not use up system resources. The stock modes have a readme file that says to keep it under 4 images at a time.

Once you drop your images in the folder, hit save then reload mode. You should see your images in the mode you are editing. I highly suggest referring to the manual, it is very clearly written and helpful!


I’ve done this a bunch of different ways however it does not want to work. what am I doing wrong?

I downloaded the stock images in case I wanted them back. I re-sized and uploaded my images to match the size of the downloaded images. I clicked save and then clicked reload and it worked perfect


Without knowing the specific steps you’ve tried, it’s difficult to say what you are doing wrong. You could just be doing all the wrong steps - which even if performed correctly - will not give you the result you seek!

Are you at least able to connect via AP mode? That is the first essential step. See the manual for full instructions.


Thanks @jjdeprisco and @brothervsrobot !

@80sforever and @Dcomplex: With modes that have images, graphics, and motion there can be a lot to parse in a given mode’s code. To simplify how to use images, I have attached an example mode below that only displays .png files, centered on the screen that can be resized by knob1 and cycled through with a trigger.

To load .jpg files change the end of line 17 from .png to .jpg :

for filepath in sorted(glob.glob(etc.mode_root + ‘/Images/*.png’)):

Background Image (1.4 MB)

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