Using organelle as effects processor in DAW

Hi everyone!
I want to use the organelle to add fx to tracks i’ve recorded in my daw. how would i do this? is there someway i could run into my interface (focusrite scarlett 2i4)?

Hi, want DAW do you use? Just google it. In Ableton, for example:


Hey tolsi,
I use reaper, yeah I looked into this and it said when you use FX pedals you should go out from your interface through a di box because of something to do with the kind of signal that goes in, I’m just wondering if that’s necessary with the organelle?

I actually tried going straight out from the interface, into the organelle, and then back in again, which worked but cos there’s stereo out from the interface and mono in on the organelle I can only get it to work through one channel. Any ideas how I could work around that? Would a di box solve that issue?

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Reaper.
I think that it works correctly by the nature of many sounds, this is the right decision - before spatial processing to have sound in mono and output with fx in stereo. But probably this is not suitable for special effects. I think the main function of the di-box is different, but probably it can help you to duplicate a signal.