Using zoom h4n as audio interface

I try to connect an Organelle 1 L R output to my zoom via 1 and 2 input.
I used two TRS cables and there’s no input, so I replaced them and used 2 TS cables only to have the same result.
When I plug my headphones directly in the headphone jack - it works just fine.
Please help. :thinking:

Well, those were new cables and I just needed to push them in a bit harder.
So… it works! :partying_face:

And - how can I use the zoom’s microphone as an input as well?
I guess that not at the same time because it will cause feedback,
am I right?

Have you pressed the record button on the Zoom recorder? The mic and inputs are silent unless you do this.
Otherwise, try plugging one of the organelles trs outputs to an amp to test they are sending out a signal.

Still no input to zoom even when I press record.
Well I dont have an amp of my own, but I used the same device connected to an amp with different cables - so the organelle’s jacks are fine.
So it’s either the cables (though they are new, and I tried both them and another kind)
or I suspect it’s something I need to define in wither devices menu.

It’s nothing to do with the organelles menu options, but read the zoom manual as it may hold the answer.