VSTPLUGIN - possible on Organelle?

Is it possible to use vstplugin on Organelle?
that would open a river of possibilities…

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Sadly not. Computer programs have to be compiled (think “baked”) for a specific processor architecture (that project targets x86). Organelle runs on arm. Even if you would manage to compile this project for arm, the vst plugins also need to be compiled for arm (no chance of running your vst library on organelle if you thought of that, sorry)

Still not tried it myself, but I think LADSPA plugins work on organelle. Not the same, but pretty close.
Tell me if you try!


Seems to be possible to compile VST on ARM at least on Percussa SSP


Only if the source code is available for said plugin ( so no commercial plugins) , and even then its likely it’ll need adaptation for arm ( often vst will use sse) , and highly likely it’ll need optimizing (neon).
Then let’s remember the cpu on Organelle ( and ssp :wink: ) is a fraction of the power of a modest laptop !

Really the usefulness of the vst api on arm is just that developers are familiar with it, so if I want to target arm, i know the framework.

( AUM would actually be more useful given there are quite a few iOS plugins, and that is a lot closer to Organelles/ssp )


i like sounds of this… would like to be able to use auv3 in orac and organelle/orac modules on ios that would be so nice

Unfortunately it’s not happened yet (and seems unlikely) - the Organelle is a pretty small market to target these things at, and most (not all) plugin development is commercial, its reason iOS has been attractive as it’s got a suitable distribution model.

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VSTs work with a bridge system in Bitwig as i recall but LADSPA plugins work with some fiddling.
The LV2 format i think was the linux alternative to VST [kinds] but i have not had any luck in getting it to work – i think the dev who created it is busy on Purr data so i have never gotten LV2 file to load