VCV Rack on Organelle?


Just a crazy thought:

Since Organelle is opening up for other music systems than Pure Data, maybe could the future also bring VCV Rack to Organelle? It does have a Linux version, 64 bit and is open source.

Have been using it the last week or so and its really cool. For now it is pretty heavy on the CPU, even on my Macbook, but I think its a known issue and will be adressed when it is out of its beta phase.

But its a really cool platform and would be great to use with Organelle.

Its mostly a suggestion for Organelle developers and those involved in the development :slight_smile:


oh stop it
it won’t even run on an overclocked raspberry

Ah ok, haven tried running it on other platforms than OSX. And yeah it was pretty heavy.

Love VCV but yeah it can even stress out my laptop sometimes with heavy patches.

C & G Modules (Github)
8 Page Template

If we work on patches uniting these things we will have little need for VCV i feel. I am promising myself one day (next summer?) to figure it out, mix and match these together into an adjustable AM/FM West Coast Synth with a Pitched Polybeats as the sequencer and some Granular Freezing/Effects at the tail end.
1008 was such an incredible patch - basically a modular synthesiser and effects machine, feel like that’s the way forward. Instead of rerouting patch cables, it’s switchable with a knob. So instantaneous and rad. Quicker even than patching with a modular.