What is your Patch Organization method?


Just curious how everybody categorizes their patches now that we can sub-folder them. Personally I have too much damn adhd and mine are really slapdash. I subfoldered grouped patches like polybeats, and I made a folder of samplers. I find myself only realizing what sort of group the patches should be in while I play them. I should make a group of fx too. I don’t keep up on my maintenance enough ;___;

Anybody super organized and want to show off their neat organization?
What are your folders named? What goes in them?

Critter - Synth 

Mine -    Synth

Others -  Synth 


(sort order is not as above, as not at my Organelle to check )

I do love all the C&G patches, and if I’m not sure what i want i tend to default to them - so like to be able to grab them quickly.

others , i keep trimmed down, like plugins on a pc, its easy to end up with lots i don’t use, so i just delete them, as i can get them back from patchstorage (and then i know ive also got the latest release) . but i have some staples like Pd-Grids :slight_smile:

mine, just because I’m biased

I only have test, as i have various on-going projects, so i need to have copies of what i have released (in mine), as well as the current ‘build’

I also use favourites, for my go to patches.


Mine reads:

1111 (where i place patches when i first download them, while deciding if they are ‘keepers’)


i have one folder



a big long list. because i believe in serendipity when out for a nice scroll.


Nice, I like the thinking! Truth to that i think.


What’s patch organisation? :thinking::star_struck::exploding_head:


Good tips and the scrolling fun never ends.

Just add my 2 cents on the Favourites as I use a lot of MIDI Program Change.
I normally have this by memory and never get lost (ahh well sometimes depends on the amount of chocolate or something else :wink:

16 Categories x08 Sounds/Presets

01 ARP 00-07
02 ATMO 08-15
03 BASS 16-23
04 EFX 24-31
05 KEYS 32-39
06 LEAD 40-47
07 PAD 48-55
08 PERC 56-63
09 POLY 64-71
10 VOCAL 72-79
11 WAVE 80-87
12 Plucked 88-95
13 Mallets 96-103
14 Strings 104-111
15 Textures 112-119
16 Synth 120-127