Organizing Patches

Is there any way to place patches in certain folders? Here’s kind of what I’m thinking.

*Power On

*Main Screen

Then you would see a list of folders separating patches that take input audio from the ones that can be played with the keys on the Organelle.

Does this make sense? Would it be as simple as making the folders in the USB and then organizing them?

OS 3.0+ supports sub folders under Patches


Good to know.
So there wouldn’t be any issue opening folders, then opening patches that had more sub folders in it? Just wondering how far the rabbit hole can go. :wink:

its fine, but you’ll find too deep gets tedious quickly :wink:


I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks @thetechnobear

Well there is also the possibility to rename the folders of the different patches.
i renamed them with “0_” at the beginning of the folder name for my most used.
then “1_” and so forth… organelle will sort them accordingly when you load the
usb stick.

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And to expand on that, you could always use 0 as favorites and add maybe a letter to sort kind. For instance ‘0A_patch name’ for synths and ‘0B_patch name’ for effects.

I hadn’t even considered just renaming the folders. I might just do that!

I have OS 3.0 so have the embedded folders but also go with numbering my patch folders to bring the most frequently used to the fore. I don’t use the favourites feature.