Where are the OS update files?

Wow talk about frustrating… every link that says click here to download the latest OS just goes to the patches page.

I found the OS3 update link Organelle OS 3 but when you click on that link https://www.critterandguitari.com/pages/organelle-patches it’s not there…

I read that I need to go to 2.1 before 3 so I finally found that and downloaded but there are no instructions…


  1. I have 2.1. How do I install this?
  2. Where is OS 3?



Did you place 2.1 into your patches folder? When you are looking through your patches you should see something that says “Install whichever version you’re trying to load

Select that. Then it should prompt you to press the aux key. After installing 2.1 you should be able to go straight to installing 3.1. Sorry my memory is so foggy. It’s been a while since I updated to 3.1.

3.1 is here. Scroll down to July 14, 2017.

hey mate thanks for your help!

I place the 2.1 zip in the patches folder?

Yes but I’m pretty sure you need to unzip it first.

wowsa what a bizarre system… if you don’t know the date of when the patch was released you can’t find it… now I see the 2.1 in this page too

Some of the users are working with the developers to create a wiki page of sorts. It should simplify things. Another really good source (in case you haven’t checked it out yet) is patchstorage.com

If you haven’t. I would also suggest downloading pd-extended and a few other deals to expand your organelles capabilities. Best thing is to just start scrolling through here and reading threads like crazy. There’s tons of info buried and it can be a little overwhelming at first. But it’s some very interesting stuff.


yeah I think if they just separate the patches from the OS on the page it would solve it too. Plus some simple directions…

2.1 worked onto 3.1!

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3.1 up and running thanks! While I have you, is there any trick to getting the USB midi working? I assume it would just show up. I hoped updating might fix it but no luck… Even though it’s a new cable I’m thinking maybe that’s where the problem is.

EDIT. it’s not the cable. When I shutdown, even after unplugging the power, organelle stays on until I unplug USB… so I’m thinking the cable is fine.

I couldn’t say. I’ve never really used a midi connection with it. Really just some searching and scrolling through a few of the topics should answer any questions you have. Just takes a little time to look.

it should just work, have you checked settings/midi setup?
what midi device are you using? is it USB midi class compliant?

this doesn’t mean anything really, except that power is being transferred by the usb cable.
basically whats happening is the organelle is accepting power thru the usb port, it shouldn’t really do this (as a host), but its not going to harm anything - but it doesnt mean anything about communicating or not.

but you still might want to try another cable, its quite common to have USB power only cables (*), that lack the data lines, so you need to make sure its a full usb cable your using , just in case.

*if your like me, you have a a box of usb cables, and just grab one… so can be hard to tell at times… these days, i put a bit of white paint on usb power cables, just so they dont catch me out :wink:

Thanks yeah I have suspected this - that the cable might be transmitting power but not data. I have a gajillion USB cables but I had to special order this as it’s Type A on both sides. Weird that the Organalle has that, everything else has a type B

don’t that is your issue, don’t order another one :wink:

Organelle is a USB host (like your computer!) , that is why it has a type A… and not a Type B.
generally you cannot connect to usb hosts together, its usb host to usb device.

so if you want to connect to a computer, you either need to go via usb to MIDI DIN, then DIN to usb.

however, there are a couple of gadgets that can do host to host, like this one.


the other popular one is iConnectMidi , but that’s quite expensive, just for this.

ah hah! that makes sense, thanks. I got it working actually with a simple USB midi break out box which I already had. https://www.amazon.com/HDE-Synthesizer-Microphone-Instrument-Converter/dp/B00D3QFHN8/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1534886404&sr=8-10&keywords=midi+usb

I run this into my Motu Midi Xpress XT which is USB to my computer


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Hi @tekzilla1 you can find all the update patches by choosing ‘OS Update’ from the patch categories tag list. If you selected that tag you would get this list: https://www.critterandguitari.com/tags/os-update

Instructions are included in the Instructions drop down in each patch entry.

Here’s a picture of the link you should click (circled in red):

You can also use the Find command in your browser to search for update or OS or whatever you would like on the whole list of patches: https://www.critterandguitari.com/organelle-patches

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