Why am I having trouble with harmonizer/autotune patches?

I’ve loaded the patches autotune~, ivertide, uneventide. I’ve just tried the superposition module for orac. Not sure why they don’t seem to work on my organelle m?

In each case, the patch or module will generate a tone (or tones if polyphonic). This tone can be changed with whatever parameter that comes with the patch - note, shift, transpose, etc. The generated tones never change, however. I’d expect them to travel in interval with my vocal. Maybe I’m using them incorrectly? In any case, some of these patches describe pages of parameters that don’t show up on my organelle.

What’s going on here?

Those patches are older and from the user Shreeswifty and if they are not working, it could be because of incompatible libraries used by the patch, or incompatibilities with the newer version of PD that is on the Organelle M. I would reach out to the developer to see if they can shed some light on the situation.