MPE patches - anyone sharing?

I know that some folks are experimenting with using the Organelle with Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE) instruments. I am curious if anyone has parches that they have created that take advantage of this (and allow CC mapping). What are your experiences with using MPE controllers with the Organelle (particularly the M)?

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Orac has support for MPE, and Ive recently extended the modules to have a little more control over the Y-axis - but as with all these things its something I want to do more of :slight_smile:

it currently does not allow for arbitrary mapping of parameters.
this is a little tricky, as midi learn does not work at the voice level in orac currently, perhaps something i might change when I add the modulation matrix.

anyway, it works nicely…

when I get a bit more time, Id like to create some more specific MPE patches - but I’ll just craft those by hand… make them more ‘self contained instruments’ - this is very easy to do in pure data.

the other thing Ive been doing recently is using an ES-8 in my eurorack system, and using the Organelle-M to bridge the controller to Eurorack - that has been a lot of fun.

so definitely a fun area, and one Im actively exploring.

note: my controllers are a Madrona Labs Soundplane and an Eigenharp Pico and Alpha.


Hi Mark,

I am using a bit of an unusual controller (a digital harmonica). Each bidirectional breath sensor is capable of transmitting on it’s own midi channel (with separate CC data). I had the creator add an MPE mode to the latest firmware and would like to test it with my Organelle-M. They would be an excellent pair as the Organelle could power the instrument. I was just hoping to find an interesting MPE patch to experiment with.

id suggest you try orac first.

you could also look at my ‘brds mpe’ patch on patchstorage.
(disclaimer, I did this quite a while, so there may be some quirks … that I later discovered/fixed when doing orac :slight_smile: )

Hi, Mark!

First of all, I love ORAC! Thank you for making it.

Could you say a little more about the MPE support in ORAC? I just got a new MPE controller - it’s a Striso Board from, and it has MPE and Normal modes (also Mono, but that’s not relevant to this question). I’ve had it for a couple of hours, and have plugged it into my Organelle M and my Arturia Microfreak. I tried several normal patches on the Organelle, and all of them responded to Normal mode, none of them to MPE (note that I haven’t yet checked to see which patches should respond to MPE). Then I found this thread, so I went into ORAC and tried several modules, including a couple of yours (lmnts and rngs, I think), and none of them responded to MPE. Meanwhile, I found that MPE works fine with the Microfreak, so I don’t think there’s any problem with the Striso Board itself. Any idea what the problem might be?

Just curious, what is the controller called? Sounds really interesting.


I am using a Lekholm DM48.

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