'Midi Controller' patch w/ octave for Orac or Regular Organelle?

Hi all, I am writing this either in hopes that it already exists and I missed it like a fool or if not, to find out if it is possible and if so how difficult it would be - basically there are many use cases where I would love to use my Organelle as a simple, battery powered, midi controller (a more keyboard like keyboard for controlling my SP404 or digitakt in chromatic mode, for instance).

the main issue that rears its head continually is the inability to shift octaves up or down on the keyboard - honestly a simple midi patch in orac which allowed me to shift the midi notes being sent from the organelle keys up or down 12 at a time is all I need, but I am clueless when it comes to PD/coding in general. Does that exist, or could it be made simply?

These might work for you:

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ah! Amazing, thank you - the first one is perfect, I think. Let me give it a shot.