Impossible to connect WIFI

I just get my Ralink 5370 wifi adapter this morning, i have follow the manual and instructions. I tried to connect with AP, it says Connected AP Mode but not Connected Organelle.
I also tried with VNC and impossible to join it too, same for web server. I have an Organelle 1 and i use a Mac and i don’t see the Organelle in the networks list.
What should i do now ?

It will say “Connected AP Mode” if you are on OS 4.0. We need to update the images in the manual.

Can you post a link to the USB-WiFi you purchased?

Sure, i bought this one :

So you connect the USB-WiFi adapter into the Organelle’s USB port, Start AP, Start Web server?
Then you try to join your computer to the Organelle network, but your computer does not see it?

Do you have another device (laptop, phone, etc) that you can use to find the Organelle network?

Exactly, i Start AP, Start Web server and nothing in the list, i also tried with my phone, it’s the same.
I even reinstalled the OS this afternoon to be sure that it was not the problem.

It could be a bad USB-WiFi adapter. Early on we ordered some that were spec’d as the right chipset, but definitely weren’t correct.

Indeed it could be possible… I see, so i will try another one and let you know, maybe do you have some links that you recommend to get one quickly from France ?

you could check with our European dealers:

Thank you for your help @chrisk i will try to call to get one tomorrow

I called and tried to get one in Paris and they don’t want to sell them… any other possibility to buy a reliable wifi adapter that will work with the Organelle ? Thank you

You can try other dealers in Europe on the link I sent yesterday. There are also some other forum posts about this if you search…

I always look through the other posts and i found no link to get one so i finally ordered one from Thomann, hope that it will work this time…


Update for the wifi adapter with a good news ! I finally got refund from the one i bought on ebay and also received the one recommended by C&G on Thomann today, i am glad that it works finally perfectly !

Conclusion for everyone looking for this piece, i recommend the original to avoid wasting time with cheaper ones that you are not even sure that it will work with your Organelle !