WiFi in hub -- no go?

A wee issue –

Very excited to have a compatible WiFi receiver. Plugged into the lower of the Organelle’s two ports… works like a charm. Web server boots up just fine and is easily accessed via a web browser (PC).

However, network connection fails if I plug the WiFi receiver into the powered USB port I normally use… an essential component since I also have a Keystep hooked up to the Organelle.

Shouldn’t I be able to use the WiFi receiver in the hub? Or am I making an incorrect assumption here?


Insuficient power from the USB HUB? Did you tried with only the wifi stick plug into the Hub?
Is it USB 1 or 2 or 3 ?

Last idea, get a new Hub with a more powerfull transformer/amp capacity.


The hub is powered by a wall wart, so I have a hard time believing power is the issue. Last resort will be a new hub purchase.

Midi controller (KeyStep) into the hub alone works fine.
WiFi dongle into the Organelle direct is fine.
WiFi dongle connected to the powered hub ALONE is no-go.
WiFi dongle connected to the powered hub with the controller also a no-go.
Its a USB 3.0 hub… but neither the 2.0 or 3.0 slots work.

Anyone experience anything similar?

That’s bad luck, hub does not like wifi or vice versa… one more idea; if you have an un powered hub, you could try using that:
wifi stick > un powered hub > powered hub > OG
wifi stick > un powered hub > OG

I use an unpowered hub with wifi adaptor, wireless keyboard adaptor, mouse, nanokontrol and keystep without issue.

what is the brand? some hubs just don’t work so well, and it is not necessarily a power issue… most of the time problems are with ones that claim to be both 2.0 and 3.0 in my experience. FWIW I’ve defaulted to this one, and it has never had issues:


i find powered ones work best myself, i bought a simple one that has live 5 volts and give me a few extra ports

Things are fine! Pulled everything out and re-seated all the power cords and USB connections (it was a powered hub).

Conclusion: I likely did something silly or had my (rather numerous) USB cable confused. No problem with the Organelle or the hub.

Thanks for all the help!

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