USB hubs

I found a small usb hub that works great for the organelle. Why a hub? Because I want to use Wifi, my thumb drive, AND my keyboard/mouse. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the aesthetic but it’s a hell of a lot better than a dongle with a cord. Check it out and post up if you have or find anything that fits better than this.

Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum…

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Hi there,

Could you perhaps give me a run-through of how you connect all those and make them function flawlessly? I had tried this a few years ago, couldn’t manage to make it work, and gave up.


I bought the hub I linked above. I have simply plugged the devices into the hub and the hub into one of the USB ports of my organelle. Here are the specific devices I use (keyboard/trackpad combo, Wifi, and thumb drive):

PNY Elite-X Fit 256GB thumb drive

TP-Link USB Wifi Adapter f

Logitech k400+ keyboard/trackpad

I also use the following mini hdmi monitor with my organelle:

Raspberry Pi Screen, Kuman 7

Everything just plugs in and works without issue.

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