Wishlist / New ideas for patches


So I would like to adapt the Juno 104 or the glass fm patches to do a wavetable synth. Then load some wavetables in so that a parameter page would be like:

Knob 1: wavetable start point
Knob 2: wavetable modulation depth
Knob 3: wavetable modulation rate
Knob 4: wavetable modulation wave shape

Other pages would control conventional speed/tune/transpose, wavetable selection, sync, suboscillator, etc.

I would also like to add a comb filter, perhaps from the vocoder patches, to the wavetable morph. As well as a simple bandpass.

I’m kinda surprised that nobody has done this yet, but maybe it wouldn’t actually sound all that great.


What if the patch used numbers as a punch in sequence.
E.g. 1 3 5 7 9 5 3
Then having a knob to switch between keys would pull up different tables where the numbers correspond to the correct notes in the scale. Then with something like the sel object you could easy bang the sequence.
There would some additional math to account for what note was being played. And I’m not sure what woukd happen if you played a note outside of the key…


That’s three votes votes for hologram dream sequence-like votes… not that I’m keeping track. :wink:


Make that four votes, and I’ll buy a Pizza for whoever makes it happen haha!


I’ll throw in a circuit bent device. I really want this functionality. Maybe if we put our heads together…


Arpeggiator Thru Effect!!

I got my Organelle a couple days ago and I love it. BUT, I thought there was an ARP effect that would take your signal (from a guitar, etc) and arpeggiate it. The Guitar2Arp patch comes reeeeally close, but the synth voice that is created is super glitchy.

I was actually planning on buying the Arpanoid from Earthquaker Devices, but when I saw the Organelle, I figured I’d drop the extra money on an everything box rather than a just-this-one-thing box.

Would it be easy to modify the Guitar2Arp patch to do this? I’m downloading PD today. :grimacing:

This is not me:


The Guitar2ARP patch is designed to listen to one note at time input. If you play more than one note at a time (chord), it may sound glitchy because it is trying to find the loudest frequency at a given time which is probably changing as the chord rings out.

You can change the synth voice and the sensitivity in the PD patch - happy patching!


Yeah, I figured as much regarding the note vs single note glitchiness. I’m actually going to be running a Nord Drum through it, so it’s easy enough to play simple sine waves and other frequencies that’ll be more obvious.

Even still, I’d like to mess with the patch to arpeggiate the source sound itself (or find a PD expert who wants to do the same) if that’s possible.

Thanks for sharing this video. I love it. It was actually the thing that made me giddily go “that’s it! I’m getting one!”


I am hoping for an original EHX 16 Second Delay patch. The “I Take Up” and “Overloop” come close and could be combined to nearly nailing it. The main feature of the 16 Second Delay was the continuous buffer, which meant you could hit a switch and it would recall what you played from 16 seconds ago. Playback direction and speed is already available in “I take Up”, which is amazing! “Overloop” has the loops playing from the start with each key press along with overdub. Now if there was some way of combining these with the continuous buffer it would be perfect… I have looked at the PD files from both but I have to admit it is beyond my capabilities… Hope someone out there would be able to create this! Thanks!


Do you think the organelle could handle a 3 page patch featuring a combination of the wave choices in basic poly, features from the arpeggiator synth patch and then route the signal through granular freezer? Is this a lot to ask of the CPU? If I was going to set out to make a legit patch I think this would be it.


is there a generic code that can be copied and pasted through PD into any patch making it receive MIDI clock?


please let me know if you figure this out I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a patch with basic poly + arpeggiator for so long!! Just being able to add an arpeggiator to any of the synthesis patches would be so amazing.


Yes, this is similar to the functionality I want. If there was more control over the synth waveform/cutoff/resonance in the Guitar2Arp patch it’d be perfect!


A sampler style patch where you could set the tempo for the sequencer and the notes entered would be quantized to that tempo.
The old roland drum machines have this and it’s great!


You could use polybeats for this and just replace wavs with new samples and rename them 1, 2, 3 and so on.


Yeah, I already did that, but in polybeats it’s more complicated to create a pattern. The idea would be to have the simplicity of the sample style sequencer but with perfect timing.


Suppose so, it would be really cool to be able to trigger more than one instance of the same sample in a sequence too - which you can’t do in polybeats without sacrificing another sample slot.


That would be awesome, I’ve asked for that too in a different thread some time ago. A simple solution would be a single press to add a new instance of the sample and a long press to cancel it.


Hi everyone, new to the forum -made a longer post about that- but since I’m also new to PD I was trying to come up with ideas not so much for new patches but rather to improve some of the original basic ones, (some of those ideas are in my other post)

but basically I think It would be really cool if there was some way to isolate and share the “pages” function that patches like Rawticks Juno patch uses and apply it to some of the original pre-loaded patches (like analog style) which I think would be a great way to make the Organelle feel less limited.
I ignore if this exists already tho


hey guys just wanted to point out some of the stuff mentioned in my thread like the wavetable synth , drum machine, guitar effect stuff you might find and like in my patches on
A great site in general for PD/organelle ideas