Ypolymenti Modifications


I’ve been using the Loop Jam Rec patch lately and I really enjoy how easy it is to switch between recording a sample, to playing those samples freely, to recording them into a sequencer. The one thing I wished it did was to be able to record a larger chunk of audio and spread it out to each key (instead of recording a sample per key). I realized that the Ypolymenti patch does exactly this. However, as far as I can tell, Ypolymenti doesn’t offer a jam mode, the playback of each slice ends up being a toggle for looping that slice.

Before I attempt to dig into the Ypolymenti code to modify for this behaviour, I wanted to check if anyone has done something similar already, or if there’s another patch that I should be aware of. Thanks!

Ypolymenti uses the polybeats sequencer to play the segments. If you navigate to the sequencer page you’ll be able to alter the interval at which each snippet plays. Can make for some cool rhythmic sample mangling.

I’d love a segmenti orac module so you could use it with a bunch of different sequencers for sure.