Suggestions for patches

i wish i coudl create a poll but what C&G patch is the main one people want “tweaked” an i do not mean making it into a module or adding full midi support, or magically making sample lengths be 5 minutes long

but what “patch” is the one you use but woudl really love if X

just a conversation
no flames please


I’m gonna take a good look of the patches I use the most and let’s see if I can come with something interesting.
I really like your patches style. From the experimental self generating machines ( varese…) to very playable patches like Global, Hammond…
I personallally prefer the simple patches, the one I use the most is Nori Sampler Loop. The second knob of this patch is dedicated to Modulation. I never use that knob, I don’t like what it does to the sound, but I haven’t find yet what feature could bring more interest to the treatment of the sound.
An these are my thoughts! :yum:

i already have an adapted Nori sampler one lemme find it

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Sequencer2 (for Orac and 1008) - same functionality - it’s a polyphonic live sequence recorder, basically - but with a “song mode”. E.g., you can record multiple different sequences, then you can move to a page where you can chain those sequences in a specific order to form “songs”.

I’m new-ish to the Organelle, so I may be overlooking if something like this already exists! I’m just having a blast with Orac and seeing what I can do to use the Organelle as a box capable of creating full tracks from start to finish, and a sequencer capable of chaining sequences/patterns into a song is high on my list of wishes at the moment.


did you find it?

Great idea!

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I think Children of Sample is ripe for modification - perhaps so it can record an input, with an extended recording time, and then maybe the samples could be played with a polybeats type sequencer.

I also wondered about EnvelopeFX. For adding effects to a guitar or synth it would be great if the effect automation and sequence were triggered when the sound volume exceeds a certain amount. so, when you play a chord or hit a note the knob automation and sequence begins.

Jeraphy is great, but ability to record samples, trim the start and end and adjust the volume would be amazing.

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I’m actually making something like that right now
It’s like sampler style with the sequencer etc but in mode two has
12 one shots and 7 long playing loops [via playsf~] and 5 effects [reverb, delay, bitcrush] filter and env

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So am I understanding right that you could, say, trigger the one-shots to record long-playing loops, and then trigger those long-playing loops to record chained longer-playing loops? That sounds fun!

FYI I’m thinking of something more like “song mode” in Elektron machines such as Machinedrum or Analog Four… or going more rudimentary, like “pattern chaining” in Digitakt or Pocket Operators. But thinking differently about sampling to achieve this may lead to fruitful results for me.

Im not really into song modes. ( I dont use on any of the boxes i have that support it :wink: )

however, I’ve been considering a (related) idea for orac for a while,
which can supply this functionality, but with a unique twist that utilises the modular nature of orac.
its called meta sequencing.

the basic idea is to use one sequencer to automate one or more others sequencers.
(whats cool, is that all the sequencers we are talking about can be different types)

basically to do this, actually requires a few things i want/need to do anyway.
turn the sequence data an orac ‘resource’ , allow different timebases for sequencers, improve sync options on sequencers, utilise the new modulation bus.

(btw: Im not claiming this is unique, this is kind of what you would do on a eurorack modular)

anyway, Im not sure any of this falls into Patricks request for ‘5 minute tweaks’ changes to existing C&G patches.
because even if doing in seq 2 quickly, it needs quite a bit of work due to sync requirements - but perhaps Im wrong.

anyway, sorry for small OT post, but perhaps it provides inspiration, by giving an insight how I’ll solve this in Orac.


oooh yep. it would be cool if there was another version of seq 2 that intelligently detected and set master bpm for a sequence according to start and end points etc - somewhat akin to the pickup machine behaviour on an octatrack. could also have a ‘slave’ mode in which the start and end point for recording are finite according to bars/beats in an already playing chain.
also… midi note overdub on seq2…


I think I have a good suggestion for Nori Sampler Loop.
Substitution of Modulation (Knob2) for a mix of attack and release.

I see a 100 0 100 Knob,
being 100 (on the left) the shortest attack and the longest release.
0 being half attack half release ( that should be the loop as we recorded it in the first instance)
100 ( on the right) the longest attack and the shortest release.

Do you find it usefull?
I don’t know what, but there must be something simple and even more usefull to model sound…

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I am not working with orac yet or ever honestly. I AM working with MEC/ktrl which i like quite a bit as you probably know because of blokas. I am going to let folks who want to oracize patches do that an di am going to continue to contribute patches to this community that require that you learn pure data. That being said this week i will be working on the patch suggested here.

i am going to use playsf~ to handle larger file playback and try to avoid loading them into tables to see what kind of performance we get with sampler style as a starting point and make some adjustments to that

cheers and thanks for all the suggestions


what we really need is a sound file player object similar to sfplay~ in MAX/MSP which allows for variable speed playback, cues, looping, playing in reverse, etc:

Pd’s readsf~ works great, but only allows regular old forward playback…


ask and you shall receive

this is based on groove~


Ive been discussing with blokas about them incorporating kontrol into their app for quite a while,
but blokas didn’t mention anything/anyone specifically using it.

thought, honestly, Ive not been tracking, as I dont have an android phone so their apps is unfortunately not much good to me :wink:
… my plan has always been to have another mobile solution for orac, with covers all orac platforms, and can be used with mac/windows/iphone/andriod whatever you happen to have - this is already done, ready for 1.1

unfortunately, it will be orac though, not kontrol, as whilst the protocol is the app needs to cover things like swapping modules.

I did suggest to blokas a while back, that rather than their ‘single module’ mode, they really would be better off just using a single module with a customised router - this is a better approach, as its compatible with orac.
but they thought as the ‘incompatibility’ was easy to fix - they’d do that for now, and said they are happy to maintain/test it as its not part of my plans nor tests.

I would love to have this kind of patch, possibly 2 players and a mixer, I don’t know if it is possible.
At this point I am still learning how to programm the patches.
Thanks to all for the contributions, while I’m here :slight_smile:

I am in the same boat I don’t have an android phone. And I’m not about to get one. I am not anti orac really I just think I am good with adding stuff where I can but after a few contracts I’ll revisit it. And after I get comfy with LUA :hugs:

yes multiple patterns… use one of the 4(!) available knobs to change between the multiple sequences… basically the same patch but within it self, sixteen times (or however many)