ZOP in Desktop Mother for better ram and cpu managment for orac

is there any way to open a ZOP on a mac so that orac can be done on the mother desktop pd patch? my organelle cant seem to handle what i do on orac and i thought that i could use my computer instead. any help would be much appreciated ive just begun this journey of PD and y’all are wizards i cant do much with it yet but your help goes a long way with me

generally a .zop file is actually a zip archive. So if you change the extension to .zip you can uncompress and get the files out.

however you won’t be able to run the Orac patch on your mac this way because the zop contains objects compiled for the Organelle hardware and won’t run on mac… also the UI is missing from the mother desktop, so it would be impossible to interact with.

that makes a ton of sense. how big of an undertaking would it be to code something to run orac natively on a computer? i know @thetechnobear is the wizard at all that and as someone just teaching myself how to do this i feel like im coming off as naive. i know it can run on a raspberry pi, maybe ill do that. rambling

Some notes here to maybe help you with this:

If I really wanted to run on a mac or whatever, honestly I just steal all the bits I wanted from orac and make one big, static pd patch with hard coded midi in and what not. I see less the need for the dynamic orac framework outside of the hardware.

But you can certainly use the pd/lemur client and control a mac orac and make it huge! And yes, you definitely have to look at those externals youll need to acquire: if you look trough the orac module folders, anything that has a *.pd_linux, you need a .pd_darwin for it. You can get a lot from just deken, but others might need more effort.