1008 MULTI COMBO patch

New multi combo patch available for download:


named 1008 after the 1008 possible sequencer–>sound generator–>effect choices.


Oh my! Love this patch. Thank you.


Can I add another 12 samples to the 12 currently in the Sample24 folder?

Here’s a demo video of the 1008 patch!:

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nice patch :slight_smile:

anyone noticed any issue with the sequencers?
for me polybeats and sequencer2 are not working…

UPDATE: ok, this is only an issue because I’m using ext4, but for most users a non-issue,
but could still be interesting for ‘developers’ to see theres a bit of a code issue.

having had a look at the PD patch,

Polybeats… is missing, if you change to lowercase it will work, but its actually then picking it up from the synth directory , its not in the multiseq

Sequencer2… the top level patch is incomplete, as its missing labels and auxin, if you change to lowercase it will pick up the one (again) in the synths directory, this then kind of works, but is missing the label… so my suspicion is some kind of version issue… I didnt have time to fix it.

PS. be careful trying to debug this on MacOS…
macOS and Linux (Organelle) deal with case sensitivity very differently (mac is case preserving, but insensitive, Linus is case sensitive) - so the patch looks find on macOS, because its picking up patches the synth directory in pref to the sequencer directory despite them being in a different case.
(If recommend perhaps a ‘standard’ to all lowercase, so as not to let this trip you over)

PPS… actually I wonder if the issue is I’m running off an sdcard with ext4, I guess on a usb/fat32 drive it will be case insensitive ?!

EDIT: confirmed… USB/fat32 is picking up the patches from the synth directory (like macOS) and so works (ok, Seq2 doesnt have labels, but thats ok) …
it’d be cool if C&G could delete duplicates of patches when doing the modular stuff, to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

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Holy bloomin moly! What a patch.
C&G killing it. :smiley:

Edit: Spent like 3 hours using this patch today i think.

Is it possible to have the patch remember knob positions on the pages/modules per page ala some of the other modular system based patches?

Discovering new ways of producing interesting drum patterns using punchy sequencer with drum samples punched in at various velocities - transpose to another key and creates rad alternate versions of the drum loop. This is one of the best patches yet.

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Agreed, so much useful stuff within! Thinking of doing a themed EP with this patch alone.

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I’m having trouble accessing the sub pages… they are listed after loading the 1008 but I’m not able to control beyond that… any idea what might be going on here?

have you install the Organelle OS 2.1 update?