Organelle OS Update, Example Patches

The latest Organelle OS update is now available.

This v2.1 update features many small fixes and some big new features.

To update simply download and run the patch. You will be prompted to press Aux button to start update. The Organelle shuts down after the update and you will have re apply power.

Select Info in the System menu and it should say version 2.1

Fixes and Improvements:

  • More responsive OLED, no more flickering, faster frame rate
  • Faster VU meter response
  • Maximum number of patches in menu increased to 1000
  • Knobs are filtered so that their values don’t jump around
  • Long patch names are truncated in the middle

New Features

  • Patches can utilize the encoder selector for things like navigating pages of parameters. See example patches below.
  • Save and Save New are added to the System menu. These commands will save the state of the patch including the position of the knobs. Save New saves everything into a brand new patch folder. This opens up a new workflow where you can create presets right from the device.
  • MIDI Channel setting is added to the System menu. This command allows you to change the default MIDI input and output channel.
  • Custom System scripts may be added to the USB drive. These scripts will show up in the System menu and can allow for future functions like connecting to WiFi.

Example Patches

We are also releasing two new patches that demonstrate using the encoder selector in a patch. Multi Page Template documents a system we created for making a 4 page patch that also utilizes the new Save and Save New commands in the System menu to save its parameters. Multi Page Synth uses the same 4 page menu to create a multi page analog style synthesizer.


Holy shit, I did not see that coming!! Awesome news, thank you!

Love the update, can’t wait to see what the creative PD patch folks around here do to maximise the new Multi Pages!

Awesome, thank you! This will take the Organelle to a whole new level :heart:

The Organelle developement it’s having a very natural creative evolution.
It’s the soul of an Stradivarius.

Again, thank you very much for the pleasure!


This looks fantasitc - step 1 for me will be putting these templates up to 8 pages :slight_smile:


Amazing! Especially excited about the extension of maximum patches you can use. Is it possible on this OS to also navigate to patches through subfolders with this new menu system?

Had a blast playing around with the Synth in the example patch too.

Does ‘save new’ work with all patches? some have a habit of sending their current values on boot. Does this override that message?

So glad I bought my organelle

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Sub-folders still not supported…

‘Save New’ should work with all patches, yes. Save and Save New just saves a snapshot of the knob values. When you start a patch it starts as if the knobs were in the same position as when it was saved.

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If it is showing on the Organelle with the other patches this is good. You still have to select it and press the encoder wheel to run it, just like any other patch. Does this work?

Yes, definitely possible to add pages, most of the guts is there and pretty well abstracted (I hope). Biggest part would be making a scrolling menu in Pd, but might not be too bad.

what about system 1 patches? are they compatible? I don’t want to have to redo the whole lot of them just yet


Yep, the idea was to keep everything working as it did and build extra features on top of it. It is the same Organelle, just does more now if you want :wink:

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super. about to delve into Patrick Sebastiien’s mtl abstractions so i am going to organize a few new ones
thanks for updating!

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Note to others to avoid my mistake: leave the folder name exactly how it is, or it will not work. I renamed it to appear higher in the list the 1st time.

i already have a scrolling menu for an arbitrary number of pages with highlighting working, but now i have to make it as compatible as i can with this new version… And i really want a per-patch preset system, and OSC for everything. Lots of work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I should have pointed this out. The update patch cannot be renamed.

I basically have everything working except the scrolling/highlighting is a tad off ; I just need to fix a bang or add a delay for a spigot to work and I think I’m there…thanks so much for the update, really exciting to expand on what is already there

That is great! Yeah the idea is the Organelle OS makes no assumptions about how a patch will use the selector wheel, the 4 page menu is really just one of many possibilities…

Also, important update: we discovered a bug in OS v2.0, so we just put up v2.1. Making separate topic about this now. Please update:

I was just gonna ask you about v2.1 when I saw your post here. Will re-update to this version later today. Thanks!
(amazing new features, btw! :slight_smile: )

Oh, and a question: is it OK to delete the Update OS patch from the device (the patch folder) after the update’s done ?

Yes, you can delete the update patch after running the update.