Segmenti for 201PP

I really love Segmenti for the Pocket Piano, so many happy accidents when you use your own samples in combination with the arps!
My question now is whether there is a limit of 10 samples? Because there are just 10 factory samples and I am kind of afraid to try :smiley: Can it use more samples without affecting the performance of the PP? Also do you need to name the samples by numbers or can they have any name?
Cheers in advance!

edit - talking about this:

Agree this is a brilliant patch, love its happy accidents:)

Related to this Q, another possibility might be running two Segmenti patches at once, to get two sample sets on two different synth slots. I tried this but without success, each time one of the Segmentis would work but the other would crash. But that might be another possible route to more Segmenti

ok but did you try using more than 10 samples on one Segmenti instance, too?

No, I didn’t try that. I guess it could be possible by tweaking some of the code, so that the patch can accommodate more samples, but that’s a bit beyond my technical powers