201 Software Update

There is a software update available for the 201 Pocket Piano.

This version allows knob movements to be recorded with a sequence. So when a sequence is recording, any movement of the knobs will also be recorded and then played back. It is possible to record a sequence that is only knob movements, simply start moving them while record enabled and it will begin recording.

There is also a small fix to MIDI sync. Previously downstream MIDI sequencers receiving MIDI clock from the 201 would have a delay starting when the 201 sent a MIDI start command (i.e. when a sequence was started on the 201). This should be fixed now.

To install the update:

  1. Download the .zip file and unzip it. It should unzip to a folder named ‘pd’.
  2. Connect the 201 to a computer using the USB-C connection on the 201.
  3. Power up the 201 and enter disk mode (hold down the high C#, D#, F# keys then press shift).
  4. Open the 201PP disk when it shows up on your computer.
  5. Rename the ‘pd’ folder to ‘pd-old’.
  6. Drag the downloaded and unzipped ‘pd’ folder onto the 201 disk.
  7. Eject the disk from the computer and exit disk mode on the 201 (using the same key combination as step 3). This will also reload the software and the new version will be running.

The old ‘pd’ folder can be deleted, but you might have synth and pattern modules in there if you downloaded any. Those can be moved into the new pd folder.



Hi there! Just got in the 201 Pocket Piano! Awesome little machine. I right away started experimenting while watching Loopop’s video. Quickly found out, motion recording is not working and found this tread. Quickly installed the update and knob motion recording works.

BUT: 2 issues now:

Before, while using the drum engine and holding one key in arp. mode: The surprise knob brought randomly different sounds to one key. Was so cool. But that’s not working any more. It just changes pitch on some keys.

Most annoying: Speaker doesn’t mute any more while audio cable is plugged in.

Help please! thank you :slight_smile:

Update… Issues fixed. Reloaded the Update again, reboot the unit. Everything works as it should.
Guess I mixed up the Drum engine with the sample engine and there the surprise knob works as it should. Speaker solved as well…

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just in case someone has the same problem:
i updated this right away when i received my 201 and then in the same disk mode session added new synth enginges after adding the new pd folder. this somehow corrputed my sd card and i had to flash it and do it all again, so this is how you do it right:
enter disk mode, install update 1.2, eject device, leave disk mode. wait for the 201 to reload / do it’s thing until the leds start flashing again.
then enter disk mode again, install new engines, eject device, leave disk mode.

also i would really like an update which lets me switch between arp patterns while they are playing with the hold-key engaged.

This video has a looping sequence made just from the knob movement (knob3 - ‘surprise’) as mentioned above. This knob movement is used to create subtle warble across the two modes selected during the jam:


This is so great!

Curious how you created these sounds. May I ask, is it Segmenti and Guitar patches that are being used? With an octave arp pattern?

On a related note - maybe for its own thread - I wondered what kind of sounds ppl have found work well in the Segmenti and Sampler patches.

I’ve tried a few different kind of things with a lot of different results, but the most effective was probably a set of short random clips from a gamelan practice. They hit a sweet spot between harmonic and percussive, which in Segmenti makes a lot of cool things happen.

Generally i found that more isolated and “clear” sounds work well, and shorter sound clips of 1-3 seconds. In the Sampler percussive stuff works great for me, I haven’t explored much further yet.

Curious if others perspectives on this?