Midi Issue with the Middle knob

i just synced my 201 with the elektron analog rytm and while it works great, the middle knob on the pp is acting strange while receiving midi clock.

so i recorded a sequence on the pp and let it play in sync with the analog rytm. no arp pattern engaged. while it’s playing, the middle knob changes the sound as long as you keep moving it, but as soon as you let go it jumps to what i think is the middle position and stays there. so it is not possible to set it to the far right or left and leave “the sound” there while it’s playing.
this is happening on all 6 synth engines (makes the ring mod sound like shit :smiley: )

no sequence / pitch data or ccs coming from the rytm, just the midi clock.

It is possible the knob position was recorded while sequencing which is why you hear it snapping back to that value… or that it is receiving CC, but sounds like you checked for that.

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hm ok will check again. is it somehow possible to re-record just the knob-automation on a playing sequence?

There’s no overdub mechanism on the sequencer. However, if you save a preset, it saves the sequence, too. In disk mode, you can view the preset’s seq.txt file and delete the errant knob adjustment. Here’s an example:

Note that the first, second, and last lines of both sequences are identical.

Just a reminder about Disk Mode: if you record new sequences while in Disk Mode (using the 201 hardware), you can corrupt the disk (SD card). Please eject the 201 from your computer, and exit Disk Mode after doing any file management to avoid data corruption.