After OS 4.0 update the organelle M wont start [Solved]

After trying to install the OS 4.0 update the organelle M wont boot.
Blue light on the left remains the same, and the monitor is not lit. I followed the instructions on the manual how to insert the disk after I tried to update the OS 4.0 version, and since then the device does not boot.

Hi, what platform & unzip program did you use?

It’s all good now. The OS 4.0 works like a charm, after I reburned the image on sd card.

I guess the first time I didn’t use dedicated 7-zip.

Still a newbie in the C&A forum, so many things to learn. Thanks…

Great! Thanks for the update! Which Windows version do you have?

I am using Windows 10.
Super happy since 3 days with my new organelle
Looking forward to install orac 2, after I re read the instructions. I hope I wont make a mess on my organelle since it takes a learning curve to adopt the specific echo system of installing the module.

If there is any thing I should consider in advance before I make an irreversible mistake , I would be very thankful.

Thanks for taking care…

I’m attempting to update my sd card from a 16gb to 64gb and have run into the same issue. I tried wiping the sd card, and re-burning the image file several times, but still no dice. Both sd cards are scan disk and the exact same except for the storage space.
I’m using Bella-Etcher on a Mac mini. And following the same instructions as before. I’m guessing the sd card is just shot? I have a 32gb sd card on the way, but thought I would see if anyone here had some other thoughts or things I could try.
Any ideas?

@oweno @chrisk i hope it’s okay that I tag y’all in this. Was just wondering if either of you might have some ideas?

Does Etcher provide any error messages?
You downloaded OS 4.1 from the link here: Critter & Guitari Manual
Does the 16GB card still work?

Only the standard message that the sd card can no longer be read. I tried burning 4.1 twice, but after it didn’t work I tried the 4.0 two to three times.

16gb works great! I tried expanding the storage on it at first, unfortunately I was still running out of space. Granted the patches I do have loaded already are pretty heavy I believe.

Maybe you can try reformatting the 64GB disk with Disk Utility, and then try burning the OS 4.1 again?

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Awesome! Think the imager on my raspi might work for that? I’m in the hospital at the moment and don’t have the Mac mini with me.

Just wanted to update. I tried reformatting the sd card and it worked like a charm! I’m guessing it had some form of corruption(?). Either way, thank you for the help and advice @chrisk! I greatly appreciate it.

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