5.9" 1080p HDMI touchscreen for Organelle

Manga Screen 2 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1924187374/manga-screen-2

Have ordered a couple of these, looks like it could be a good companion to the Organelle.

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Perhaps small screens such as these could be a solution to some of the limitations of the hardware, e.g. giving visual info on button operations for patches, cc numbers for parameters in patches, or if organelle has the capacity to translate the info - maybe someday a touch screen interface? Last one perhaps a bit pipe dream, but could be cool, akin to what teenage engineering have planned for the op-z except for an actually useful instrument.

Oh my. This looks like just what I want! Debugging patches without running them on the actual Organelle is a pain in the butt.

hmm, interesting…
id back except, they are shipping from the US, and last time I did that on KS, I got stung really badly on import duty + vat. ( ~ 40% !)

Ive been trying to get a waveshare 7" touchscreen LCD working, without success so far… its a little unclear why its not working (despite a few attempts ;)) - I think issue stems from its non-standard resolution (1024x600)… but a lack of quality technical documentation is hurting :frowning:
(works fine on a rPI3)

anyway, this KS looks good as its a bit higher res, and a nicer format, and a standard hdmi resolution, so hopefully more likely to work out of the box.

I will say one thing, I think you’ll find the 6" too small/fiddly for patching (the 7" is) , … this is as much due to PDs interface, as well as a small display - but I think it’ll be really great as an extended control surface - that was my plan for the waveshare.

another thing to perhaps check is if the kernel on the organelle (which is not that new, 3.x) supports multitouch HID, it does recognise my touchscreen HID, so there is hope - but I cannot see if its working due to the display issue.

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