Projector / Monitor for visuals

for use in a studio (4 meters distance), just for ambience/music visuals, perhaps outside when its dark only… I guess might use it for movies/sports events at night, but that’s not primary usage.

might be used a bit for patching/debugging… as organelle doesn’t like any of my Sony (bravia) tvs, looses all edges, and consoles is pretty unusable.
(spent too many hours trying to fix, seems fruitless, despite the fact they work fine on rPIs etc)


  • cheap(ish) - <200$/euro
  • not too loud
  • don’t need massive image, so I guess normal throw is ok?
  • must be compatible with organelle/etc , so 720p (1280x720 60hz)
    ( I guess having 1280x720 native resolution is best, as I suspect this will help ensure text is readable)

thoughts? recommendations?

p.s. I guess a monitor is another option, though I don’t really have the room… nor really a requirement, outside putting visuals on it… as ive a touchscreen for rPI and they also work with sony tvs)