5 Moons Locked Recording / Yellow Playback


Hi friends , i updated the firmware with locked recording to prevent accidentally recording.

– For recording you have to push the “VU” button first.
– Then you see the first led is flashing red. (That means you are ready for recording.)
– Now you can push the usual recording buttons for recording
– If you press the “VU” button again, recording is locked

I also changed the playback color to yellow- it’s more MOONY now. :slight_smile:

For install the new firmware you have to overwrite the old file “main.pd” with the new one.

Hope you like it. <3

Alex Q


Maybe someone can help with the pitch shifting feature:

I thought about when you not in recording mode and push one of the 5 track buttons - it can be a shift button for pitch shifting mode (button + fader = pitch shift)

I didn’t get it to work. I’m a new at pure data (yesterday was my first day with programming)

5 independent working tracks with pitch shifting (maybe direction change as well) = and 5 Moons will be a killer of a tool for ambient musicians !!!

Nice work, looks great with the added black & red caps as well!

I’d absolutely love an octave/speed up/down option. That would take this thing to the next level.

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