Hopes & Dreams: Change Speed/Pitch of Audio

5 Moons has been fun. I have been recording random audio sources and mushing them together.

Any chance a future updates could include pitch change of the recording?

Hold down the F button and move the slider to change the pitch of corresponding track? Or something like that?

To be totally greedy, reverse playback would be nice as well!

Hold down F and press O button to reverse :smiley: or something like that?

(Yes, I am describing a kaleidoloop multitrack)

Thanks for getting a 5 Moons!

Pitch change (playback speed) and reverse playback are a possibility but we havenโ€™t tested those.

5 Moons is running Pure Data, so itโ€™s customizable if you want to delve into programming it. We would probably use our Waveplayer object to control playback speed and direction.