Hopes & Dreams: Change Speed/Pitch of Audio

5 Moons has been fun. I have been recording random audio sources and mushing them together.

Any chance a future updates could include pitch change of the recording?

Hold down the F button and move the slider to change the pitch of corresponding track? Or something like that?

To be totally greedy, reverse playback would be nice as well!

Hold down F and press O button to reverse :smiley: or something like that?

(Yes, I am describing a kaleidoloop multitrack)

Thanks for getting a 5 Moons!

Pitch change (playback speed) and reverse playback are a possibility but we havenโ€™t tested those.

5 Moons is running Pure Data, so itโ€™s customizable if you want to delve into programming it. We would probably use our Waveplayer object to control playback speed and direction.


It would be useful even to change all tracks to be slower/faster, I do this with the 4 track to get the guitar parts right.