5 Moons not playing samples


I purchased a 5 Moons recently, but I’m only now getting round to using it.
Unfortunately, when I load filed from my computer, the 5 Moons won’t play them.
Likewise, if I record a sample from an external sound source, the 5 Moons will play it, but if I press stop, it then doesn’t play.
I have burnt a new disk image into a new SD card, but this hasn’t made any difference.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.

What is the file type?

So you can successfully record a track and play it back only once? Does the recorded track show up in the in the appropriate ‘songs’ folder of when using disk mode (https://www.critterandguitari.com/manual?m=5_Moons_Manual#File_Management) ?

They’re wav files.
The recorded files don’t show up in the songs folder.

Panic over. I’ve managed to get it working.
Chrisk - thanks for replying.

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