Problem playing/recording track moon 5

i use the moon5 in a setup with spring noise boxes. today it doesn’t work properly anymore.

from my noisebox i go to a delay and a reverb pedat to the moon5 to a mixer.

i turn the moon5 on. i press on monitor on and i can hear the noise box with effects. (leds are white)
if i push the start/stop button the leds become green. now i can still hear the noise box, but without the effects. and if i push the record enable button, nothing happens. if i push any button, except the power button, nothing happens. i only can turn it off again.

is there a way to solve this problem?

with kind regards daan

Hi - are you able to enter disk mode to check the contents of the songs folder? Instructions are here. There should be at least one folder named ‘1’ in that songs folder.

yes, i can open the song folder. the first song doesn’t open with any mediaplayer, but the other ones do open, and it are recordings of mine.

if i push one of the buttons of the moon5, i don’t get any sound, like the instruction you shared suggested. i only hear a quiet (white) noise [sshhh].

Thank you for this additional information.

If the file in the first song doesn’t play, it has probably been corrupted somehow (perhaps by not ejecting the 5 Moons from your computer before leaving disk mode or turning the 5 Moons off).

In disk mode, you could try deleting the ‘1’ folder and then emptying the trash on your computer. For good measure, you may want to back up the other songs onto your computer as well. Then create a new ‘1’ folder in the songs folder so that there is no gap in the numbering of songs. Then eject the 5 Moons drive from your computer, exit disk mode, and restart the 5 Moons.

thanks chrisk, it looks like the problem is solved.

my information was not completly correct. it was not folder 1 that didn’t work. it was the first number from folder 1 that gave a error. is deleted that song and now, at first sight it seems that my moon5 is working proparly.

with kind regards

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