Ableton Link 1BPM behind

Hey guys, had a filter through the Ableton Link feed and couldn’t see an answer for what I was looking so I apologise if I missed it.

Basically, like my title said, the Organelle M is one BPM behind with Ableton Link… any ideas how or why? Have tried rebooting both Ableton and Organelle…

Thanks all

How are things connected? is this MIDI or LINK sync? Also, are things on the Organelle playing in time, or going out of phase / drifting? It could just be a display issue…

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LINK sync, I am playing sequences and arps in realtime over the top of what’s in Ableton but have MIDI mapped some tempo things too, for different sections and its noticeable.

section1 - 114 in Ableton and 113 on organelle
section2 - 110 in Ableton nd 109 on organelle

thanks man

Hard to say without knowing more about the MIDI setup… using LINK and MIDI for timing at the same time would probably cause problems since. Many patches on the Organelle are built to switch between the two, but it takes time to do this so I’d expect an interruption of some kind.

I’ve seen the tempo reported incorrectly (1 BPM off) while using LINK, but everything is still playing in time, so it might be a display issue (i.e. true tempo is like 109.3 and to display the tempo one device rounds up to 110 the other rounds down to 109, but everything is still playing in sync).