Ableton Link Transport functionality

Hi everyone! I am curious if anyone has had any success getting organelle to sync with Ableton in terms of starting and stopping together. As of now, any sequence or arp I have doesn’t start on the correct beat, because it seems like while the tempos are synced, there is no way to get them to start/stop together in order to be properly synced up in terms of bars/beats.

I know there are other threads related to this, but was thinking maybe this could be one for people who are troubleshooting this particular issue with the goal of getting this to work. I personally have limited programing knowledge but I have tried the transport module, the seqbpm module both as clock and neither seem to solve it.

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Edited the topic bc I found a way to make this happen, though not with Link. Not having a dedicated midi interface to solve such issues, I ended up syncing my Elektron A4 to my DAW (via Polyend Poly 2, but one can sync it directly I believe). I achieved this with the A4 Midi In, and then used the usb cable to connect it to the organelle. It looks like the transport module in orac (not sure about others) can end up off by a 32nd note, but if you restart it at the right time using the lowest C key on the organelle, it is not too difficult to get it properly in sync.

I have (for years admitadly) hesitated to get a proper midi clock interface, partly because I’m not sure if it would completely alleviate any fiddling of the nature described above (my only issues with syncing in my setup have been related to the organelle in these specific ways so, an expensive purchase and more importantly an unnecessary one if it doesn’t solve the issues.

So, what are your experiences with syncing the organelle with your daw, is I guess the subject of this thread. I hope at the least my post here helps someone and at best that a discussion will arise around this. Thanks everyone!

Unfortunately the Ableton Link object for PD does not include transport controls so that’s the limitation.

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Even from ableton to ableton, link doesn’t send transport controls, the idea is that every client can join or leave the session without affecting the others. when someone joins, Link waits for the beginning of the bar to start the playback.

Once you get link to work, you don’t want to go back to midi clock… I guess the issues you are experiencing have to do with the implementation of link in some particular patches because link actually tells precisely when a “bar” starts and even considers the audio latency of the different systems.

Interesting. Are you saying if I start transport module on the organelle and then press play/record in ableton, ableton will lock in with the beginning of a sequence or arp pattern? I’ll have to try this when I’m back at the studio. I was trying it the other way around I think. Will report back- thanks!

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I have the exact same issue. Pretty dissappointed considering their demo videos show it working flawlessly with link. Even with the organelle connected to the same wifi network as my daw nothing syncs. Link is working perfectly with ipad and other link devices though.

It works great, I discovered, at least in Orac with the bpm seq clock!

Which Organelle patches are you trying to tempo sync with Link?

I’ve tried literally every patch on their approved list. It’s definitely an Organelle issue.

Link syncs with all my other devices flawlessly.

@9iHL Are you talking about syncing tempo with Link? or something else?

What else would I be talking about?

Not sure. You are posting to a thread about transport controls though, so just checking.