[Help] Metronome Patch not holding tempo

Testing the metronome on the Organelle with ableton’s click and noticing the organelle keeps falling behind. Same thing happens when I test it with the SPD-SX’s metronome. Anyone know why?

are you sync’ing via midi clock/ableton link?
when I have things sync’d via midi/link it appears to stay in time (last time i tried).

if you want them to remain in sync, then this is the way forward, clocks running independently will have a tendency to drift apart after a time (and so, not something i ever try to do :wink: )

Hey thanks for the quick reply,

I have synced with midi and it seems like that’s solid as a rock for looping over, however I trigger samples on my SPD (some short 1-2 second loop, some long 20 second loops)
so I was curious to see how they hold up with the organelle (not sync’d with midi as the midi is already going to a seperate midi thru box for other band members to loop over) and the longer ones slip out of time even they were recorded to ableton’s click.

Thanks again, should be fine was just wondering if there’s a way to improve the metronome but should be fine for now.