Ableton Link

I’m looking for some advice on trouble shooting Abelton link on the organelle.
I purchased a wifi adapter and connected the organelle to my network, all seems good.
I can access organelle.local and download patches.
However, when I start a Live session with link enabled the organelle does not sync.
I tested my settings with korg gadget on my iPad and Abelton & confirmed sync is working.

Any sudgestions are welcome,

Wifi adapter - canakit
Organelle - v3.1

Which patches have you tried the sync with?

Keep in mind also, you do need to manually reconnect to your wifi again every time you boot the organelle. That doesn’t happen automatically.

(there might be a setting somewhere to make it happen automatically. but by default, it does not)

I’d reboot (just because), reconnect, and then try your patch again.

So far I have tried

-Ypolymenti 2
-ARP 2
-ARP 3

I also downloaded & tried -Test Link.
so far no success.

I don’t know why you’re having this issue since you can access Organelle.local with the same computer that is running Ableton, etc. Can you try using the Organelle’s own WiFi network (Access Point method) and join your computer and iPad to the Organelle network? Password is ‘coolmusic’.

Thanks, this is my procedure,

  • Start abelton10 on macbook pro (enable link)
  • Power on Organelle
  • wifi settings to connect to network (connected)
  • Start a patch

no results so far,

using Organelle as the access point I now have sync.
Im am content now, but I wonder why it doesn’t work the other way.

Thanks for all your help!

I am still confused why it is not working on your existing network. If you get a chance, can you try joining only the Organelle and iPad running the Korg app to the existing network (leaving Ableton out of the equation for now)? Hopefully you will see a Link session between those two.

I closed Abelton, then connected the Ipad back to the network, now Link is not working.
if I open Abelton back on the network, the Ipad and Abelton sync, but no Organelle.

@ceklilsis Can you check what network your using, 2.4 and 5G?
Can this be of influence @chrisk? (just a wild idea)

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Is your local network limiting the number of devices which can connect to it? Confusing…


Do you have to turn on Link with the Korg app? or does it automatically detect?

Also, is it possible to create a network on your iPad that you can share with the Organelle and your laptop? If so, can you try using that network instead of your existing network?


sorry I was MIA for a couple days,

@keymanpal got it!

My Apple devices were on the 5g network, Organelle on 2.4. So I created a guest network on 2.4 for everyone to connect to, now they all see each other in perfect harmoni.

Thanks for all your help,