How to set up ableton link

Hey all, can someone explain how I set up wifi and get ableton link going? I just bought a wifi usb adapter today but so far I am confused

You need to connect to your WiFi network by navigating to System -> Settings -> WiFi Setup. You will need to enter your WiFi name and password into the wifi.txt file on the USB drive. WiFi Setup will create this file for you, but then you will need to eject the USB drive and on your computer replace the network name on first line and password on second line. you can add multiple networks (one line for name, next for password). put the USB drive back, reload (or power up) and visit WiFi Setup again, your network should show up and press to connect.

If there is a LINK session happening on the network the Organelle will join automatically (for patches that have built in LINK support). For the C&G you will see LINK where any tempo is listed.

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Thank you for the response but my usb will not show up on my computer? I’m using this one

USB drive or WiFi adapter? you don’t need to put the WiFi adapter into computer, that is for the Organelle.

Oh ok I understand now, thank you!