Access Point Editor access

Hi t3hh, Not yet I’m afraid. The Eyesy shows network and IP address, also Eyesy is present in my WIFI connections menu. I can’t connect to AP as I don’t have a valid password. It’s a bit odd as I was only following the manual instructions. I tried to connect using the modified pw from my previous endeavour, and the one stamped on the back of my router. I’ve run out of ideas at the moment. G

well the factory default password for AP mode is “coolmusic” but if this is not working I’m also out ideas. Whats the status of the LED lights on wifi dongle?

A small blue flicker on the wifi bud. The wifi picks up and shows Eyesy as a network, but will not connect even with ‘coolmusic’ pw. Maybe there’s a fault on it somewhere.

…I’m assuming you are referring to your computer displaying the EYESY AP network on the list of available networks, yes?
Can you try joining the EYESY’s AP network from another device such as your phone?

Thanks for your advice Chrisk. Yes, the Eyesy was present on my computer. It still wouldn’t connect, even with a fresh micro-disk fitted. I’ve decided to return it to the retailer for a replacement. Regards G

A quick turnaround from juno music, and I have an Eyesy that finally connects to wifi. Yippee . . . That python code looks complicated mind.
Is it possible to use gifs or mpegs with Eyesy?

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