Organelle chromatic wav player

Sorry if this is covered already or really simple but I am very new to pd.

Basically I want to make a pd patch similar to the chromatic sample player but instead of recording the input have a bank of pre loaded .wavs that could be selected with a knob, mostly samples of my synths etc. Each wav could essentially be a sound “patch” that would be selectable to be played on the keys, I guess a bunch of patches within patches ??? :).

Maybe kind of boring compared to its other real time processing capabilities but I think would be really useful, either with a loop pedal, or especially if you sent interesting midi cc to the wav selection knob, and automated the wav selection?

I am learning pd currently and saving slowly to get the organelle (soon!) so I will get to try it soon but I guess Im wondering if this is feasible at all?


And you folks are amazing!

messed around with just replacing the wav file in the nori sampler so realizing in theory I could just make a new patch for each sound but that seems like a clunky solution. It would be more elegant to select sounds within the patch…still learning pd kind of not going so well :slight_smile: but really fun nonetheless!

If anyone has any suggestions hit me up!

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this seems imminently doable, but I don’t know how exactly… if I figure out how I’ll post it.

Hi there! Brand new to the forum, and I’ve only had my Organelle less than a week. I am pretty new with any kind of processing/synthesis as well - I’ve mostly worked with acoustic instruments.
I was going to post a new topic but I saw that one existed which is pretty similar to (or exactly) what I was going to ask.

I am curious if there is a sampler patch that can play a single .wav file chromatically across the keys in a time stretched manner.
Something akin to the Korg microSAMPLER or something similar as achieved with sampler in Ableton.

It seems totally possible, but I have no knowledge of PD, so maybe it’s not so easy.

I’m not so much looking for something that it is pitched to match the keys on a keyboard which would shorten or lengthen the sample away from it’s original length, but rather maintains the length of the original file. the Let’s say I have something like a tea kettle whistling and I want to play a chord, I want each note that is played in the chord to start and end at the same time - I guess I should also note that polyphony is important, as described here.

If it doesn’t exist, how hard could this be to make? I’m willing to try, but I am not sure where to start.