Arpeggio sampler help

Hi all,

New to pure data and the organelle so this may seem a silly question

On the arpeggio sampler patch is there a way to keep a sample on the patch at all times as a default? When leaving the patch or turning off the organelle any sample used is lost

Is it simply a case of putting a .wav file into the patch folder?


I think it works like the Midi Sampler patch. Just replace the sound.wav file in the folder by your own wav, name it sound.wav, and it should work. Also, I guess you should remove the [r aux] object within the patch, so that pushing the aux button wont trigger the recording of a new sample…

Keep a backup copy of the original patch !

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Ahh I wasn’t renaming the new wav as sound.wav, that’s where I was going wrong

Thank you very much for the advice, all working now!