Basic Midi Controller Help with Akai Mpk249

I’ve been growing increasingly sad and frustrated I can’t figure this out so I hope someone will be able to explain to me what I’m missing.
I’m trying to use my Akai MPK249 as a midi controller for the Organelle.
I got it to work perfectly one time and have not been able to recreate that magic moment since.
I’ve been using the usb cable to both power my MPK and send midi which from what I understand should be fine. I also have a midi to usb cable in case I need that.

I have the newest O.S installed, the midi setup sees my devices, channels are set to omni,
on my controller I’ve tried sending midi via usb and din outputs.

Would it have anything to do with me running everything off of the sd card?
What am I missing?

not necessarily, it depends how much power it is trying to draw from the USB port.

for testing purposes, i would either:
a) connect it to power using DC psu (preferable)
b) connect it via a powered usb hub

after that…
if you see it in system->midi setup, then i suspect the issue is most likely on the setup of the MPK249 , so id double check its menus… about what channel its sending on etc.

how do you connect via DIN? via a usb → din cable?
if its not working that way either, then i think thats pretty convincing evidence its on the MPK249 side - since your using 2 completely different usb midi devices.

btw: i assume your using something like BasicPoly to test… keep it simple at first, look for just notes on a simple synth.

No :slight_smile:

as long as you use System->midi setup when you have the usb card remove it will work the same.

(the midi setup is stored on the sdcard or the usb stick when you do setup, this allows for different setups on sdcard, and different usb sticks)

Thank you for your response.
It seems to me that the issue is with my midi controller and not the organelle.

I’ll continue pulling my hair out for a while

So I finally figured it out.
I plugged my organelle into my computer and pulled up the .pd files.
Clicked on the file that controls the midi data (can’t recall what its called exactly)
when I clicked it had a prompt asking to execute the file. When I ran the file everything worked perfectly.

Everything was connected right but the midi file wasn’t running properly on the organelle side I guess?

How did you connect the Organelle to your computer? What you describe sounds unusual.

I reached out to Akai about the current draw of the MPK249. Their response:

The MPK249 will draw a maximum of 500mA over USB 2.0.

500mA is the maximum that the Organelle can provide via a USB port. However, the available amperage from the Organelle may be less than 500mA if the Organelle needs more power for its own computation (This is especially true during boot up). @thetechnobear’s suggestions to:

…would be good to heed to avoid any power related issues.

Sorry I what I should have said is I plugged the Organelle to my monitor and computer stuffs. I didn’t plug directly into my computer.

I bought the Organelle used so who can say why any of the files may or may not have been moved around.

Thanks for clarification!

This could explain a lot. I hope that most users who get an Organelle from a previous owner would do a fresh install of the OS and patches just to start from the original condition…