Question re Midi control via DAW - am I being stupid?

Hello good people.
Really sorry if I’m missing something obvious here.
Bought an original (about a WEEK BEFORE the M was released - doh!) and have been using it as a standalone instrument for my live work for some time. For my next project I’d like to have it controlled via a DAW - Logic to be precise.

So looking in the manual (for the original) it seems to indicate that it’s happy to receive midi via audio jacks, but it says via the 1/8" jack…and on the original it only has the headphone o/p as 1/8".

Do they mean 1/4"? And if so, would it matter how it was configured (ie a balanced 1/4" as opposed to a non balanced).

I’ve seen how to sync the unit over wifi, but what I’d like to do is to use it as a midi slave instrument.
All the same, my preference would be to have a hardwire connection as I end up playing in all sorts of environments.

Again, apologies if I’m missing something REALLY obvious…I kinda feel like I must be.

thank you!!

The organelle-1 cannot receive midi via jacks - the organelle-m has specific TRS jacks for midi.
For the organelle-1 you need to use usb , using either a usb-midi din cable if you gave a midi din interface for your computer, or one of the iConnectivity boxes that’s supports multiple usb midi hosts.

Organelle 1 in my experience works great as a midi slave. I used to use it with MPC 1000 as my main sequencer sending it notes. I’m pretty sure sending from a DAW would work well too, provided your computer is optimized to send notes/clock (if you can, turn off wifi and bluetooth, or at least off wifi).

One thing I say that I’ve had a lot of trouble with is sending clock to the organelle trying to use the organelle’s sequencers - they seem to always be noticeably late in the configurations I’ve tried (keep in mind there are only certain sequencers that are designed to work and sync with external clock - and they do, just with some latency it seems). I’d love to know your experience, what configurations you try, and how you are using it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much guys.
I have a usb - midi interface lurking around at my office somewhere, I’ll give that a go.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

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Yeah, just be aware your computer is a usb midi host and so is the organelle - which is why you cannot just connect usb to usb :wink:
Hence easiest solution is to go via midi din.

it’s a question that comes up a lot here, as some are not aware of the difference between usb host and usb device … as it’s not that common for musical instrument like organelle to be usb hosts

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Thanks Mark. I’d picked up on the host thing (had come across that issue with other bits of kit - always suspicious when you see a USB slot on a bit of kit) so understood the need to work with an interface and din. Thanks for pointing it out though :slight_smile: