All C&G factory patches updated for LINK

All of the Organelle factory patches are now updated for Ableton LINK support!

If you are connected to a WiFi network and there is a LINK session happening, the patch joins the session and uses the LINK clock.

If no WiFi or LINK is present, it will use MIDI clock if present, and if no MIDI clock it defaults to internal clock.

You can download individually at or grab them all at once:



Still haven’t jumped on Link just yet and have been using my own timecode TCP/IP Sync setup, but I may need to start!

Good job!

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This is great fun, easy way to link up a load of gear quickly
its great that it sends midi clock out too, so your other gear gets sync’d too.

one small enhancement for next time, can you make patches like Polybeats respect midiOutGate…(not sure if sequencers respect it too?) … i can fix for myself, but possibly others will find it useful, now we have central control of it in midi setup. also that small delay on the clock message during init to stop pd 48.0 having issues.

no rush, as they all use the same subpatch now, i can fix it in one place, and copy to the others.

(confused me, whilst playing with Link, thought might sequencer was going mad, but turned out it was just getting notes and clock from Organelle, when i thought it was just clock :wink: )

I’ve no idea why I haven’t used Link yet, I bloody hate wires.

Here’s a demo video about using Link on the Organelle to sync with Ableton Live, phone apps, and other Organelles!


The jams are excellent in this one!