Sync the Organelle with Ableton Link


Hey there!
I made this small test this weekend :
I compiled the Pure Data external for Ableton Link available here
and used it to make the led blink in tempo and be able to change the tempo using the first knob.
You’ll need to connect to a Wifi Network. I followed the instructions here : Using a wifi adapter

Syncing with LINK / WiFi

This is great! I think there is lots of potential here. I experimented with putting the link object in the Organelle’s mother.pd so that any patch could be Link enabled by just receiving the beat clock. Of course the patch would still have to be modified to utilize it, but most of the Critter & Guitari standard patches use the same ‘master-metronome.pd’ abstraction, so it could be updated and copied…


We’ve been working on getting the C&G patches to work with LINK. This isn’t completely straightforward because some of the patches deal with tempo differently. however many of the patches use a common ‘master-metronome.pd’ abstraction that handles generating clock or syncing to MIDI clock.

here is a set of all these patches updated for LINK:

all you need to do is connect your Organelle to a network with other LINK peers and it will sync to the session tempo, and the tempo knob will change tempo of entire session.

If you have a patch that uses master-metronome.pd and want it to use LINK, you can use this updated version:

master-metronome.pd (4.4 KB)

you also have to add these files to the patch:

abl_link~-help.pd (3.1 KB)
abl_link~.pd_linux (35.6 KB) (524.0 KB)

Using a wifi adapter

hey oweno
i am making a sampler that links with abl_link but it’s not instantiating the abl_link object when i move over to organelle does the computer need to be on wifi? I wouldn’t think so but it’s not behaving as expected here.


#5 needs to be in the patch folder too


the first link you sent i think may have had a typo and it was abl_link, not abl_link~ --got it sorted!




I’ve got it set up, it’s seems to work great.
Although, is there any version of the abl_link~ object updated for Live 10 ?
Unless I’m wrong, Ableton added start/stop control.


I’ll add to my todo list for Orac 1.1 , as I want to revise the clock anyway.