Ambient Ideas + Patches for Organelle

I’d love to use my organelle for more ambient sounds in the vein of Stars of The Lid or Willamette (

What do you use for ambient sounds and is anyone working on any ambient patches?

There are already quite a few patches that are great for that type of music: Stereo Rhythmicon, Genny1, granular freezer, Nori grains, just to name a few. Then there are others that may not be so obvious but are great if you apply some Fx over them.Pretty much any patch where you can control the attack, I would say.

Extra tip: the Old Blood Noise Enveadors Dark Star is a great match to the Organelle for that type of sound! :wink:

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Definitely loving Genny 1 for ambient stuff. I also use (in this video) Granular Freeze patch to manipulate a simple external synth, in this case, the Modal Craft Synth.


The thick modulated sounds in the Juno patch make for nice pads too.

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