Fantastic Patches: User-Creations


Have you visited the Organelle section of Patch Storage lately?..There are many fabulous Organelle patches made by users! To celebrate this, we selected a handful to showcase here. These patches grabbed our attention by:

  • Sounding great
  • Being fun to create music with
  • Explore what the Organelle can be in new ways.

Thank you to everyone who have helped make the Organelle more than we ever thought it could be! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Our first selection is: 16 Step Drum Sequencer by @callmesam ! It’s hard to stop making beats with this patch’s inventive pattern writing method!

Thanks @callmesam!


Finest initiative :wink: thumbs up!


Our next selection is: LIGHT-CYCLES by Kyle Werle in collaboration with @Patrick.

LIGHT-CYCLES goes deep (Deep Space 9-style) into an ordered but uncharted realm of sample playback. You can do so much with this patch. Even the OLED screen looks good. One day it might even have its own show too!

Download this patch here:


Selection 3: NESWave Synth by @Blavatsky

This is a wavetable synth with sampled 8-bit waveforms. Play the game of NESWave to move through six different levels of sound design, starting with basic wave selecting and filtering, and moving through arpeggios, reverb, even grain delay. When the game is over, you have a special sound unique to that playthrough!

Download this patch:


Selection 4: Reverse Delay by @Hymnosiac

Time for an effect! Get backwards! Unlike most delays, this patch applies a unique pattern to the playback of the delay. Instead of playing reversed audio at a constant interval, this effect randomly plays panned fragments of incoming sound in reverse. Use the different presets to move through additional harmonizations.