Any patches similar to loop forest for the zoia?

I am looking for a patch similar to this. Is there anything similar for organelle?

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We just made this patch: Prairie Loops | Patchstorage

It’s not an official release (yet) but thought it would be fun to share. Let us know if you find any issues!

Note: while we read Loop Forest’s description on Patch Storage, we weren’t looking to remake L.F. (we didn’t watch the video and don’t have a Zoia to try L.F. on) so it may be different from what you were hoping for. That said, Prairie Loops is pretty fun and flexible. Here are some features:

  1. The audio recordings are written to and stream from disk so the recordings can be long - the only limit is available disk space.
  2. Control individual sample/loop pitch, direction, and volume. Start/stop playback globally or for an individual track/loop.
  3. You can bounce down the current four loops to a new track, and then add that new loop to the mix. It’s an easy way to build more tracks/layers/loops (see note on #5). During bounce, you can adjust any aspect of the loops mentioned in #2! (not just a simple mix)
  4. You can change the current samples/loops on the fly: add previously recorded samples back in.
  5. Audio pass through/monitor for ‘live’ playing on top of your loops. Note: this live audio is also recorded during bounce down so the bounce is actually recording five tracks!

Just got a new audio interface with more ins and outs - can’t wait to chuck a load of soft synths and samples into this for looping on the organelle!

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