Anybody have the stock samples from Drumbank-240?

The description of the patch has a link to a version with samples included, but it’s a dead link. I used some of them in a few recordings, but I lost the original version of the patch when my organelle had some kind of OS failure. Looking for those sounds back!

Definitely not a dead link, the link in the description works - I was just able to download without any problems. Maybe it’s just due to some strict security settings or an adblocker in your browser?

Yea the link works fine for me as well. Let me know if you still need and I’ll send you a DropBox link.

Oh, crazy, it’s working for me now too. I’d tried a few times, weeks apart, and I got error messages both times. I’m on a different computer, so maybe that’s why. I’ll go back to my own computer and try again. Thank you!!